About the Archives
The Chesley Bonestell Archives represents the world's single largest collection of publications containing space illustrations by the "Dean of Astronomical Artists" -- Chesley Bonestell (1888-1986). Assembled, owned, and maintained by the respected Bonestell researcher and author, Melvin H. Schuetz, the Archives preserves the historical record of published Bonestell space art, from its beginnings in 1944 to the present day.
About the Archivist
A former satellite controller in the USAF and private industry (Hughes Communications), Melvin H. Schuetz has been on the staff of the Baylor University Libraries since 1994. He lives in Waco, Texas, with his wife, Carol. He has researched and collected publications from around the world containing Bonestell space art for 35 years.
Melvin H.